Stacy Maeda, Artist

The Beautiful Swan
A Story of Friendship and True Beauty

By David Wood and Aimee Wood
Illustrated by Stacy Maeda

The Beautiful Swan Gabrielle, a swan, can’t land gracefully in the lake, and she’s embarrassed by her belly flop in front of the flock. Buddy, a field mouse, can’t swim, but that doesn’t deter him from trying to help Gabrielle learn how to peacefully land in the water. Buddy thinks about this problem while riding on Gabrielle’s back for plunge after plunge in the cold lake, and he eventually provides her with the tools she needs to break through and conquer her frustrating weakness. Gabrielle is ecstatic and empowered by her new landing skills. The rest of the flock sees her in a confident new light, and the Swan Queen nominates Gabrielle to become a Swan Princess. The catch is that Gabrielle must turn away from Buddy and only be friends with the other swans if she accepts the Swan Queen’s nomination. What’s a swan to do?

21 pages with beautiful color and black and white illustrations

$14.95 $12.95 each book + tax (CA residents)

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