Stacy Maeda, Artist

About the Artist
For as long as she can remember, Stacy Maeda has always nurtured a passion for both art and animals. Animals, especially horses, are the most frequently chosen subjects for her detailed, life-filled drawings and paintings. Stacy's landscapes and figurative works are also quite popular, and she especially enjoys creating works that seem to be infused with light and color. Stacy earned a degree in Studio Art from the University of California at Davis but considers herself primarily a self-taught artist.

Stacy's artwork has won numerous awards including Best of Show at the Western States Horse Expo Equine Art Show in Sacramento, CA and People's Choice Award at the 2003 Draft Horse Classic "Art at the Classic" in Grass Valley, CA. She has also received First Place in drawings and Best Entry Depicting a Sighthound at the “Art Show at the Dog Show” in Wichita, KS.  In addition, Stacy's work has won a special award at the Women Artists of the West (WAOW) 5th International Juried Competition and Exhibition in Dubois, WY. Articles and features about Stacy and her art have appeared in such publications as Horse and Rider, Equine Vision Magazine (now Horses in Art Magazine), Riding Magazine and Hastfocus, a Swedish equestrian magazine. Stacy's art can also be viewed at Our House Defines Art, a gallery in El Dorado Hills, California.

While she takes great pains to ensure that her detailed drawings and paintings of animals are anatomically accurate, Stacy is adamant that her artwork must also capture the animal's individual spirit and personality. "It is vitally important to me that my art speaks of the spirit and uniqueness of the individual animal I'm drawing or painting." Stacy also has a deep reverence for the strength of the bond that can develop between animals and their people. She considers it a special honor when someone commissions her to create a portrait of their beloved animal companion.

Stacy works primarily in oils and graphite pencil/charcoal. She has also recently begun working with pastels and oil pastels, which she finds wonderfully suited to her plein air landscape work.

Stacy's artwork is in the collections of professional offices and private collectors nationwide. Her work can also be found in the collections of notable horsemen such as Dr. Robert Miller, DVM and Parelli Premier 5 Star Instructor, David Lichman.

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